Nintendo has confirmed seoveinte

Nintendo has confirmed prices for the adapter and the controls of GameCube to be put on sale next Smash Bros. for Wii U to the end of the year. The U.S. price, lack in Europe is confirmed how much it will cost, is 19.99 for the adapter alone and 29.99 dollars per each GameCube Controller.
Confirmed is that Nintendo will sell a package that will include the new Smash Bros. for Wii U with a GameCube Controller and adapter (four players) for 99.99 dollars, assuming a $10 savings if we did we separate the three items.
It is known from a few hours ago that the new Nintendo fighting SEOVEINTE will reach a Wii U next 2014 Winter. Among the novelties presented at the Nintendo Direct today, the possibility of creating a fighter with our Mii, the arrival of Palutena campus selection and the use of compatible with the video game figures.

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