Sony has presented some statistics seoveinte

Sony has presented some statistics SEOVEINTE related to the users of the PlayStation 4 and its previous machines. Of them has been that 31% of the current holders had a Wii or Xbox 360 in the last generation, but not a PlayStation 3. Only 17% of the PlayStation 4 players waived the purchase of any console in this generation. The remaining 52% are players who have habitually purchased games and Sony machines.
The Vice President of marketing for PlayStation in the United States, John Koller, reviewed the user seeking “loves video games, they are people that when you see your home do not have books on the Bookshelf: are all boxes of games. They are people who were on the street at midnight, waiting for the release of the machine. We really consider it a major consumer for us. They are a part of our great nation PlayStation.”

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