The E3 will be a “great week” Oddworld: seoveinte

Just Add Water has recently published an E3 trailer for its expected Oddworld: Oddysee Abe´s New N’Tasty!, and have also shared with the official PlayStation blog the important thing is the American fair for them in general and its video game in particular.
“Our new trailer conveys a little more of the history of the game, and not only what you see, but also listen to what,” explained Stewart Gilray, the head of the study. “The used song is called ‘ Born to Love You´ and Elodie Adams, a young Australian composer who turns out to be a big fan of Oddworld. We think that their song was perfect for us because it adapts well to the theme of New ‘n’ Tasty and the history of Abe. We are proud to include ‘ Born to Love You´ in the end credits of the game and in this, our E3 trailer “.
“The E3 next week is very important for us. The title will be fully playable in the fair, and we have appointments with press from beginning to end,”he said.

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